Latest Google Maps Data Extractor

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Google Business Data Extractor is a software that extracts information such as:

  • Phone No. Scrape

  • Any Business Category

  • Extract Data via Place

  • Extract All Details

Save valuable time and effort by automating the data extraction process from Google Maps. Instead of manual collection, get instant access to the data you need.

How Google Extractor Works

Using a combination of web scraping and automation techniques, Google Extractor seamlessly navigates through Google Maps listings, simulating search queries, and extracting data from the resulting pages. By leveraging the underlying HTML structure of Google Maps, the tool efficiently collects the desired information, ensuring accuracy and reliability.


Who Can Benefit from Using Google Extractor?

Google Extractor caters to various industries and professionals, unlocking possibilities for enhanced efficiency and growth. Here are a few examples:
Lead generation companies: Streamline your lead generation processes by extracting accurate and up-to-date business data from Google Maps.
Marketing agencies: Maximize the potential of local SEO campaigns, competitor analysis, and targeted marketing strategies by leveraging the power of Google Extractor.
Researchers: Seamlessly collect data for academic research or market analysis, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.